Private office

Etienne Zeller


« 1875 FINANCE manages daily personal needs for your family members by providing a bespoke service of the highest quality»

Our team has developed skills in the following fields :

 - Payments

Data entry, control and spending analysis

 - Insurance

 Review and updating of all insurance needs in collaboration with experts

Transmission of instructions and claims management

 - Fiscal

 Tax declarations in Switzerland and abroad for individuals and companies together with fiscal specialists

 - Private jets, yachts or pleasure crafts, vehicules

 Counselling and control for purchases and sales

 Construction monitoring and management of daily operations with various providers

- Travel and transportation organization, management of sports events and parties

- Management, administration and inventory of your non -financial assets

Art collections


Stables and horses

- Staff management

Domestic staff


- Concierge services

- Recording and electronic archiving of your documents


Our real estate services:

- Market analysis

1875 FINANCE undertakes territory analysis and lists development areas and/or areas of strong profitability in Switzerland or elsewhere else in order to advise clients in their choice of investments

We work with the best players in the Swiss real estate market and continuously develop our network

- Inventory

1875 FINANCE lists all the properties which make up the client's real estate portfolio

A detailed inventory of  property including several key information elements is drawn up

1875 FINANCE conducts a comprehensive analysis of your requirements and advises you in your choice of investments

- Reporting

 In association with the property managers and/or the real estate agencies, 1875 FINANCE draws up a detailed analysis and reporting of the following:

Rental Condition: tenant quality , duration of leases, occupancy

Yields : gross, net and on equity

Allocation of your real estate portfolio  based on the type of property and its geographical location


1875 FINANCE centralizes and consolidates the information received from the various providers (property managers, real estate agencies, banks etc.) in order to prepare tailored  reporting  which provides a global view of the real estate portfolio.