Legal office

 Christophe Germain

“A sound succession strategy is essential for avoiding family conflicts.”


1875 FINANCE coordinates the management of your family structures (trusts, holding companies, etc.)

1875 FINANCE assists you with the fiscal optimization of your family assets and acts as coordinator with all other specialists (lawyers, financial experts, solicitors, etc.)


Financial and fiscal planning:

- Assets and liabilities optimization

- Cash flow management

- Fiscal optimization of investments


 Analysis (managing a succession and structuring an estate) :

- Review of the clients’ situation and expectations

- Review of the  global assets structure

- Identification of the heirs’ specific needs (financial needs, protection)

- Identification of links between commercial and private assets (private guarantees, cross-financing, holding structure, etc.)

- Handling of commercial assets in the event of death (distribution to single or multiple heirs, liquidation, Management Buy Out, IPO, etc.)

- Identification of potential tax issues



- Help in selecting of external specialists

- Design and implementation of efficient wealth transfer vehicles

- Follow-up and adaptation of strategies as necessary