Multi-Family Office

Aksel Azrac

What is unique about 1875 FINANCE’s Multi-Family Office, is the technical expertise we have developed that has won us the trust of prominent families, allowing us to assist them with multi-dimensional projects as well as estate transmission to the next generation.


The management of family assets requires just as much care as that of a company. It is commonly agreed that a company should be preserved over the long term. Every effort is being made as to increase its assets in order to pass it on to future generations: organisational and management quality, monitoring, profit optimisation and cost cutting.

We have been offering a global approach to securities management and real estate investments for five generations. In order to meet our clients’ expectations in terms of asset protection, growth and monitoring, we analyse and take into account their family’s values and vision.

We offer multiple advantages: we are proud of our professionalism and of our experience in risk management, and as an independent entity we are able to bring in independent specialists when necessary. Furthermore, efficient reporting and competitive rates are made possible thanks to shared infrastructure coordinated by the head of our middle office.

1875 FINANCE offers its range of constantly updated services through three specialised offices: